The Band

Musicians Walter Kenul and Dante DeLemos, along with lyricist Richard Humann founded the band American Nomads. The songs that they write and perform are in the American Roots style of music. They have worked together on numerous musical projects, including their most recent band before the founding of American Nomads, DRW, that from 2010 to 2015 released two full-length albums and two singles. American Nomads is comprised of musicians Walter Kenul on lead vocals and keyboards, Dante DeLemos on lead vocals and guitar, Susan Darmiento on lead and background vocals, Joseph Humann on harmonica and percussion, George LaGrange on guitar and background vocals, Joe Conoscenti on drums, Jay Rivera on bass and background vocals, and Gerald Menke on pedal steel. Multi-gold and platinum recording artist, Sammy Merendino plays drums and percussion on their single “A Revelation’s Gonna Come”, and Steve Count plays bass.